Retail Sports Startup Brand Development and Marketing Case Study


Client: Kallassy Sports


To position Kallassy’s Swing Magic as the ultimate training tool that anyone can use to develop and maintain tour-quality timing, tempo, rhythm, power and consistency. To emphasize the message that Kallassy’s Swing Magic is the one swing trainer that does it all. With its proprietary sliding grip, it seamlessly blends all the fundamentals into a single repeatable motion that quickly ingrains the feel of a complete and fundamentally sound golf swing.



Leveraging our experience in Sports Marketing, we developed a cohesive brand identity to support a national, direct-response campaign and series of infomercials that ran on ESPN, The Golf Channel and Fox Sports. We designed print collateral that included brochures, direct-response ads, tradeshow booths, packaging design, point-of-purchase displays and launched of the Swing Magic website.



Kallassy’s Swing Magic golf swing trainer sold over 700,000 units worldwide and is used by major championship winners, leading golf schools and instructors throughout the world. It has become the most widely used golf swing trainer in golf history. Endorsements for Swing Magic have come from leading golf professionals around the world, including: Rudy Duran, who was Tiger Woods’ childhood instructor, Sandra Palmer, LPGA professional and U.S. Women’s Open winner and, Ian Baker-Finch, the 1991 British Open winner and ABC and ESPN golf commentator.