Carondelet Health Care System



Because of the positive impact these clients make on society, Medical and Healthcare Marketing is one of the challenges we love the most. Carondelet’s system-wide network includes advanced medical technologies, innovative hospital-based programs and exceptional providers. Our charge was to position Carondelet as the southern Arizona employer of choice in healthcare and reinforce the fact that Carondelet has a network of hospitals whose pioneering spirit has resulted in 125 years of innovative healthcare services and technologies.



By partnering with the AOR, we positioned Carondelet Health Network as a spiritually grounded, faith-based health system whose mission is to provide “Exceptional Medicine, Exceptional Care” throughout southern Arizona. From this mix, we developed several campaigns that put a face to, “Exceptional Medicine, Exceptional Care” The campaigns generated awareness of Carondelet’s innovation and reinforced its network of entities and its geographic presence.



The initiative produced more than 15 marketing initiatives in 12-months that reached over 500,000 consumers. In addition, we rolled out a new brand tagline, “Exceptional Medicine, Exceptional Care.” that helped capture new and incremental volume by targeting new markets.