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Since the late 90’s, we’ve recognized the value of quality domain names (Internet Real Estate) and began investing in non-trademarked generic and local keyword domains.

We understand what it means to high rankings in the search engines and Customer Attraction, and

Today, we own the largest domain portfolio of Dallas domains in the world. We buy, sell, lease, broker and develop domain names for clients who recognize the significant impact they can have on their business.

At TagTeam Creative Advertising Agency, we use these domains help companies drive more leads to Dallas companies through mini-site web design . These mini-sites support your existing main website and social media profiles to expand your business footprint over your most strategically targeted key-phrases. These niche websites focus might focus on specific products, service or location of your business. Mini-sites are particularly effective in highly competitive areas such as attorney marketing, medical marketing and service contractor marketing.


Mini-Site marketing can draw amazing traffic from a wide variety of sources.

Mini-sites enable your business to target a wider variety of popular keywords related to your industry, drastically increasing your chances of ranking under multiple terms or even multiple times for the same term. We’ll craft your website with the needs of a particular customer in mind, addressing their concerns through extensive resources. With greater exposure of your business in the search results, and better targeting of specific customers, you can enjoy a far greater amount of business from your web marketing efforts.


Cast a wider net online with Mini-Sites for your business.

Here’s why keyword domains are so important to your business:

  1. Relevancy

Owning a highly descriptive domain name positions you as the authority in the industry. The keywords and phrases your potential customers are searching for are at the top of their mind and when they see those words in your URL, they know immediately that your site is relevant to their needs.


  1. Rankings

Pick your favorite search engine and type in the key-phrase that best describes your local business.

Look at domain names in the top three pages. See a trend?

A keyword-rich domain that accurately describes your service can raise your rankings in the search engines. Google, Bing and Yahoo! use a variety of mathematical factors to determine how websites should be ranked – and the words used in the domain name are becoming increasingly important.


  1. Recall

Highly relevant domain names are easy to remember. This enables potential customers to easily recall your web address after a time lapse. It also makes it easy for them to promote your site to others through word-of-mouth.


  1. Rapid Navigation

Many surfers simply bypass the search engines and type descriptive domain names directly into their navigation bar. “Type-in traffic” or “direct navigation” is a growing practice that brings in pre-qualified, motivated prospects.


  1. Redirect

Do you already have an established website and are worried that moving to a generic domain will cause you to lose your current brand equity? Simply redirect your strategic domains to your current web address. This way you can take advantage of both search engine optimization (SEO) and direct navigation. Or, develop a new informational site that is SEO-friendly and double the number of ways potential clients can find you. For more information on domain development, visit domain development services partner.


  1. Real Money

Domain names, like any other business asset, can add value to your business at the time of sale.


  1. Real Competition

Simply put, if you don’t own it, chances are one of your competitors will, and they’ll leverage it to boost their results in the search engines.


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