What is Retargeting and Why is so Effective?

You’ve invested an extraordinary amount of time and money into every person who visits your web site, and for one reason or another, some leave without engaging you – either through inquiry or purchase.  Whether they were interrupted or they were just doing research or the computer froze, chances are they won’t come back on their own.

With our Search, Site and Mobile retargeting services, you can continue to market to those who have already shown interest in your product or service or, are showing interest in your competitors. So how can you make sure your most valuable prospects chose you?

We build custom online banner ads that will go on thousands of websites on the Internet and encourage surfers to visit your website. We add a single line of code to your website that places a non-invasive cookie on the browser of the visitor. Every time that visitor goes to a website within specified advertising networks, they are shown one of your banner ads that encourages them to come back and re-visit your website. Each user is uniquely identified so we can track the results in near real time.

Retargeting campaigns usually run for 30-60 days, but it only takes an average of 6-8 banner impressions before the prospect returns to your website. Now you have a second chance at converting them into a customer!

Through multi-variant ad testing, traffic analysis and strategic media buys, your brand will raise awareness, conversion rates will rise and revenue will climb!


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