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The best chance at creating a successful public relations campaign is using an integrated marketing approach. That means combining your “free media” opportunities with paid ones, utilizing social media, Reputation Management, Mini-site development, and making sure your web site is search engine optimized. We specialize in developing media relations, event planning, marketing and management, and communications strategies to help companies to take advantage of the multi-media world in which we live – whether it is getting you company press in traditional newspapers and magazines, Internet coverage through SEO press releases, social media marketing, Internet Marketing or, face-to-face interaction with your audience at live events.

Public relations must be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy if you want to achieve greater brand awareness. Using free media (as opposed to paid advertising) is one of the best ways to communicate about your product or service. As an extension of your brand positioning, we identify the highest potential opportunities to communicate your story to the marketplace.

Our goal is to get people talking positively about your company. Every touch point you have with target audiences is an opportunity to build positive public relations with them. TagTeam Creative Advertising Agency PR and Promotions identifies and aligns your key business messages with the appropriate channels to deliver results.

Our Public Relations consultants can help you navigate through the all the options and create a targeted plan that works for your industry and your audiences. From ideation, marketing and management of events in Dallas, public relations and media relations for businesses in DFW, corporate communication strategy development and online reputation management for mid-sized and large companies.

Our Public Relations services include:

  • Public relations strategy and key message development
  • Media relations strategy (business, trade, consumer)
  • Integrated Marketing Strategies
  • Social Media Marketing

  • Press Release Writing and Distribution
  • Corporate Event Creation, Planning, Promotion and Management
  • Sponsorship Acquisition
  • Internet Reputation Management
  • Product Launch Services
  • Development of speakers’ bureau and associated media training for key company speakers
  • Partnership, sponsorship and/or co-marketing opportunity development
  • Knowledge leadership / subject matter expertise positioning (i.e. surveys, topical micro sites)
  • Corporate communications (e-news, magazine, newsletter, internal / employee communications)
  • Web-based communications (direct, viral, search, drive-to-web)
  • Events (seminars, educational programming, black-tie, charitable)
  • Partnership opportunities (co-brand / co-marketing partners, sponsorships)

Search Engine Optimized Press Release Writing and Online Distribution
Whether your company is launching a new product or just closed a major deal, announcing it the right way is key in getting media coverage. Many reporters will delete press releases because they are boring, use words no one understands or they bury the lead. TagTeam Creative Advertising Agency Public Relations consultants in Dallas will work with you to craft your story, create appropriate quotes and deliver a press release rich in keywords to increase your traffic from both traditional media sources as well as online through search engine optimized press releases.

Dallas Recruitment Marketing Services
Your competitors are vying for your talent as well as your market share.
Incite! Public Relations and Promotions is uniquely qualified to work with you to position your company as an employer of choice: from recruitment marketing and advertising, to innovative promotions, to employee referral programs and more.

“According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall American labor force will grow by 12 percent over the next seven years. The percentage of workers aged 55 or older will increase by 49.3 percent during that time as the disproportionately large number of baby boomers in the workforce inch closer to retirement.”

The positive effects of internal marketing cannot be ignored. Your employees can be your best spokespeople in the marketplace.
It’s just as important to market your company’s strengths and benefits to current and potential employees as it is to market your products and services to your customers.

Building a solid brand and positioning your company as “an employer of choice” requires an ongoing and disciplined employment marketing campaign.

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