Dental Health Network – Dentists in Plano and Frisco



There is nothing more important than yours/our health. That’s why healthcare providers and medical practices have a soft spot in our heart, they’re an essential part of society. When this startup family dental practice in Plano and Frisco asked for our assistance developing a new brand, supporting marketing materials and SEO Website Design for dentists, we were all smiles.



After careful competitive market research of the dentists in Plano and Frisco, we encouraged the client to spend less on brand development and more towards Web Design, SEO, and Search Engine Marketing. That’s what research showed was the quickest path to driving new business and they agreed. We developed a long list of relevant key-phrases and developed SEO copy for all of their individual dental services and procedures. Simultaneously, we did extensive A/B and multi-variant testing on different website designs to maximize conversions. To support the main site and increase our set of target key phrases, we launched a network of lead generation mini-sites on Exact Match Geo-Niche Domain Names and funneled traffic from hundreds of additional channels.



Within two weeks the lead-generation mini-sites ranking on the first page for highly relevant key phrases that were driving unsolicited traffic that was converting. On week three the main website was ranking as well. Together with our local marketing efforts, social media marketing consulting and public relations, we established a foothold and momentum in a very competitive market.