Our corporate event planning services are tailored for companies in DFW who want to engage their target markets in person through strategically developed events designed to showcase their products and services and generate word-of-mouth and social media marketing.

Known for generating strategically relevant ideas that produce results, TagTeam Creative event marketing services are designed to develop promotional, public relations, and communications strategies for small to mid-sized growth companies focused on business-to-business and business-to-consumer promotions who want to market directly with customers in a live, face-to-face environment.

Our Event Planning services are driven by the philosophy that your business is best served when public relations and promotional strategies are clearly defined and can demonstrate a measurable return on investment.


Our promotional strategies utilize relevant communication channels and strategic marketing tactics to motivate your customers and drive them to your business through giveaways, contests, events, activities, Point Of Purchase, Beacon/Mobile Marketing and a myriad of other creative initiatives. Along the way, we put processes in place for you to successfully capture and manage these relationships from point-of-contact to point-of-purchase, customer conversion, and beyond.


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